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Western Scheldt Tunnel - Ellewoutsdijk Terneuzen (The Netherlands)
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Geboorde tunnels, onderhoud gedurende 10 jaar. DBFM
Westerscheldetunnelweg 1, Borssele, Zeeland, Netherlands
K.M.W. (Kombinatie Middelplaat Westerschelde)
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Engineering Office
K.M.W. (Kombinatie Middelplaat Westerschelde)
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6 years
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The Western Scheldt Tunnel project originated via a PPP in a DBFM procedure, for which the consortium – to which Franki Construct belongs – was responsible for the design, maintenance, construction and financing of the project. Design, construction, financing and maintenance of the Western Scheldt Tunnel comprises: 2 bored tunnels, each 6.6 km long. 
The northern access ramp consists partially of an underwater concrete caisson and partially of a concrete bin. This bin is located in a construction pit consisting of anchored sheet piling and an underwater concrete floor anchored to tension piles. A two-sided water-resistant embankment was constructed around both access ramps. Around the southern access ramp, an approx. 1.5 km long cement-bentonite screen, with hung sheet piling, has been attached. This screen extends to a depth of approx. 28 m.
The works comprised:
  • 20 km of roads: equipped with noise barriers. 15 civil engineering structures: 9 viaducts, 2 bridges, 1 culvert and 4 piping vaults
  • One bridge is a 120 m long hanging through girder bridge for train traffic
  • Control building
  • Toll plaza, toll booths
  • 26 cross-members: freezing technique
  • Heat-resistant cladding: attached with a purpose-designed, automated spray robot
  • All technical systems required for controlling the Western Scheldt Tunnel. A few examples of this: traffic portals with traffic signalling; HVAC, plumbing, electricity supply to all buildings and plant rooms; control panel with monitors for the operators, incl. software; tunnel ventilation consisting of 80 fans; cameras; 166 aid stations in the tunnel; 2 automatic mobile metal guard rail constructions, each with a length of approx. 50 m
  • 10-year maintenance of the Western Scheldt Tunnel. 
  • Mobilisation: started on 14 July 1996; duration = 1 month; ended on 14 August 1996
  • Design: started on 15 August 1996; duration = 15 months; ended on 14 November 1997
  • Construction: started on 15 November 1997; duration = 6 years; ended on 14 November 2003
  • Maintenance: started on 15 November 2003; duration = 10 years; ended on 14 November 2013. 
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