Willemen Groep
Boerenkrijgstraat 133, BE - 2800 Mechelen
tel +32 15 569 965,
RAC Belair - Brussels

Project Details


Willemen Construct

1000 Brussel
Brussels BE

Breevast Development Belgium, Immobel

End User
Federale Politie


Jaspers-Eyers & Partners

Temporary partnership
Willemen General Contractor, Kumpen, Cordeel, Louis De Waele

Engineering Office
VK Engineering-Civil & Structural (stabiliteit), TPF Engineering (technieken), Venac (akoestiek)

Surface area above ground
87 000m²

Surface area subterranean
20 000m²

Special features

Construction period 
2 years 8 months

Start work 

End of work 


The Rijksadministratief Centrum (state administrative centre, or RAC) in Brussels, located behind the familiar Finance Tower, was converted into the new head office of the Federal Police. After thoroughgoing asbestos removal work, the outer walls, superstructure with plant rooms and interior were demolished. Blocks D and F of the complex were rebuilt to meet the needs of the police: they were given a hyperfunctional design and security features implemented according to the strictest requirements.

The first task of the contractor consortium was to ensure that a solid building shell was again in place. New lift and stairway centres were built, and a structure with two extra office floors was added above the old roof. Then new curtain walling was installed. When erecting the new outer walls, considerable attention was paid to preserving the building's post-war, postmodern architectural character, albeit with a subtle, contemporary accent. The result is a cinematographic façade, a playful patchwork of different types of glass, serigraphy and colours. This results in special shades of colour, giving the façade a dynamic, contemporary look within a tight, classical rhythm. The double-layer superstructure has neutral, dark cladding.

The five-floor parking garage at the rear was also renovated. Three of the floors will be used by the Federal Police. As of March 2014, several police services gradually began to take up residence in the new office block.

Willemen Construct

Boerenkrijgstraat 133
2800 Mechelen (Belgium)
tel +32 15 56 99 65

Willemen Construct came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Willemen General Contractor and the construction department of Kumpen.