Willemen Groep
Boerenkrijgstraat 133, BE - 2800 Mechelen
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NorthCity - Brussel

Project Details

Social housing

Willemen Construct

Middelweg 126-132
1130 Haren
Brussels BE

Futurn Albert, Immo Prinsen


Urban Nation Architects & Associates

Engineering Office
Tom Hernalsteen (stabiliteit kmo-ruimtes), SGI (stabiliteit woningen), MK Engineering (speciale technieken)

Construction period 
2 years 3 months

Start work 

End of work 

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This project by Futurn, in collaboration with and Inclusio, involves the construction of an SME park (7,600 m²) on a 2.6-hectare site along the Chaussée de Haacht in Haren. 123 homes will also be built on the former Orchestra-Prémaman site.

NorthCity is an ambitious project to revive a large industrial complex. This PPP is being developed in an urban enterprise zone (ZEMU) and is part of the circular economy. Indeed, some of the buildings that stood on the site have been retained and were renovated.

The business part of NorthCity includes an SME park with 44 studios and 1,000 m² of office space. There are smaller and larger studios. The spaces are also modular to suit the companies' needs. The SME park was completed in March 2022.

On the same site, we also built the Middelweg project on behalf of Inclusio. Middelweg comprises 123 social housing units offered by social housing agencies at affordable rents. The complex designed by Una|a consists of three main volumes arranged in an open block typology around a central communal garden. The distance between the volumes provides views of the garden from Middelweg and from the streets of the business park. As a result, the greenery is interwoven into the urban atmosphere.

Willemen Construct

Boerenkrijgstraat 133
2800 Mechelen (Belgium)
tel +32 15 56 99 65

Willemen Construct came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Willemen General Contractor and the construction department of Kumpen.