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Propane tank BASF - Antwerp
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Franki Construct
Special features
Funderingsplaat : 4.200 m³ - Glijbekisting
Scheldelaan 600, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium
Engineering Office
Nico Terryn, Bureau De Fonseca
Construction period 
6 months
Start work 
End of work 

The BASF site in Antwerp is located in the northernmost part of the port of Antwerp. With 54 production plants on 600 hectares, BASF Antwerp is the largest chemical production centre in Belgium, and the second largest of the BASF group worldwide. Franki Construct built a new propane tank there for the Italian EPC contractor, Paresa, in 2019. The tank has a diameter of more than 72 m, and it is more than 28 m high. The foundation plate is 1 m thick.

The concrete wall was erected using sliding formwork in a continuous 24-hour shift system over a period of just 10 days.

The loading station and the piping were also built by Franki Construct.


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