Antwerp Euroterminal


Antwerp EuroTerminal (AET) is located on the left bank of Scheldt in the Port of Antwerp. The terminal has a total area of approximately 100 ha.

For this project, Aannemingen Van Wellen shares the responsibility of installing a crane girder on the quay front of Quay 1333. This crane will be used for the handling of containers over a continuous length of 640 metres.

Using traditional falsework, this crane girder will be installed onto prefab piles using concrete. The structure of the crane rails has been dimensioned on the basis of the existing quay wall and quay-front pavement.

Doing this properly requires preparatory research and study of the existing situation in consultation with the client, the railway builder and the engineering research agency.

The construction itself will be executed in 3 equal phases of 4 months each. During the execution of the work, the quay front will remain accessible and operational. The ships must be able to continue being loaded and unloaded while the crane girder is being installed.

The work will be coordinated by the client and the other contractors involved, namely De Waal (for the pile foundations) and Frateur-De Pourcq (for the railway construction).

Willemen Infra came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Aswebo, Aannemingen Van Wellen and the infrastructure department of Kumpen and is a leading road builder and asphalt and concrete manufacturer.


Project Details

Blikken, Beveren, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Antwerp EuroTerminal
Engineering Office 
Construction period
11 months
Start work
End of work