Artesis Plantijn Campus Noord - Antwerp


The new construction consists of a trapezoidal main building located at the Noorderplaats (Italiëlei), a rectangular building along Ellermanstraat, an elongated part in a low-rise building along Noorderlaan and finally an inner courtyard with auditoriums, a green zone and a ramp to the vast underground car park. This new campus will house 3,500 students who will follow their professional bachelor's programmes there.

The building comprises

  • 9 auditoriums varying from 70 to 250 persons
  • 49 standard classrooms ranging from 12 to 70 seats
  • 12 specially equipped PC rooms
  • 57 specifically equipped classrooms
  • a 900-m² library
  • a cafeteria with 700 seats
  • a main entrance with reception at the Noorderplaats
  • secondary entrance areas along the parking ramp and Ellermanstraat
  • bicycle parking, accessible via Ellermanstraat and the parking ramp
  • an underground car park via Ellermanstraat
  • decompression zones and study areas spread across the campus
  • administrative zones.

Willemen Construct came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Willemen General Contractor and the construction department of Kumpen.


Project Details

Noorderplaats 2, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium
Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen
POLO Architects
Jaspers-Eyers & Partners
Temporary partnership 
Willemen General Contractor, Interbuild
Engineering Office 
Abcis-Van Wetter (stabiliteit), VK Engineering (technieken), Venac (akoestiek)
Surface area above ground 
23 240m²
Surface area subterranean 
13 050m²
Construction period
2 years 10 months
Start work
End of work