Aannemingen Van Wellen is currently working on the Brabo II project as a subcontractor for BAM contractors.
This project is constructing the “Northern line”, which will ensure a smooth tram connection between the city centre, the “Eilandje”, and the north of the city.
Once completed, this will allow residents of Antwerp to take a tram from the city centre to the Red Star Line Museum and the MAS on the “Eilandje”, or to the new Park & Ride at the junction of Noorderlaan and the A12 motorway.

Our employees will reconstruct various roads and squares along the route of the “Northern line”, which includes a facelift for the “Noordelijke Leien” (northern avenues), the Rooseveltplaats, and the Operaplein.
This will improve the entire road image, while increasing safety at various junctions.

The works have been divided into three sub-projects. These match the work’s locations, which are the Noordelijke Leien, the “Eilandje”, and Noorderlaan.
The project has been divided into 17 phases for 2016 and no less than 25 phases for 2017. The cycle paths to be laid will receive two layers of asphalt, while the road surfaces will receive three to four layers.
The asphalt will be spread to a depth of 22 centimetres on the most heavily trafficked roads. The work entails the movement of a total of 110.000 m² of asphalt, amounting to 46.000 tonnes, spread across approximately 1.000 “finishing” hours.

Willemen Infra came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Aswebo, Aannemingen Van Wellen and the infrastructure department of Kumpen and is a leading road builder and asphalt and concrete manufacturer.


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