Bus depot – Sint-Truiden


Construction of a new bus depot for 56 buses, including 15 city buses, 9 articulated buses, 25 standard buses and 7 ‘phone-in buses’. 

The garage is partially covered and equipped with solar collectors. T

he construction comprises:

  • Office block with geothermal collector and green roof.
  • Workshop Oil storage building (used oil) with tank farm.
  • Shed with tanks for oil storage (fuel).
  • Building with bus wash + biological water treatment system, catchment basins for rainwater. 

Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.

Willemen Construct came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Willemen General Contractor and the construction department of Kumpen.


Project Details

Spookvliegerlaan 1161, Sint-Truiden, Limburg, Belgium
De Lijn - Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij
End User 
De Lijn - Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij
Arteum Architects
Engineering Office 
Surface area above ground 
15 000m²
Construction period
1 year
Start work
End of work