Domestic waste Transfer station - Mol


Transfer station for domestic waste: compacting and VFG hall, (60 m x 25 m x 8 m), supported by steel with concrete walls (4 m high), dumping platform, compacting system with exchange station, office and control building, tank area: Compacting and VFG hall. This 60 x 25 m hall is supported by steel and surrounded by 4 metre high concrete walls. The walls are clad with steel plates embedded in the concrete to prevent damage during the mechanised processing of household refuse. The polished floor was sprinkled with ‘mastertop’ to achieve very high durability. The 12 m high hall structure is made of steel. The outer walls are made of steel sheeting, insulation and liner trays. Eleven high-speed doors with a height of 8 m provide access to the transfer hall. A fire-resistant concrete wall has been constructed to one metre above the building between the VFG and Compaction Hall. Dumping platform This is an elevated zone surrounded by concrete walls that provides access to the dumping halls, with the roadway 3 m higher than the floor of the dumping halls. The entire zone together with the access ramp is surrounded by concrete retaining walls.

Tank area

Storage building for diesel (2 x 20,000 litres) with corresponding tank system. Automatic registration system connected to the installed computer network. The tank area is finished with a liquid-tight containment system and liquid treatment system to prevent contamination of the ground. Compacting system and exchange station A compacting system with automatic container exchange is installed in the hall. This system can be operated fully automatically or manually. Operation of the entire system is monitored from the adjacent control room.

Office block

An office block with among others plant rooms, wash area, dressing rooms, storeroom, toilets, meeting room and refectory, kitchen and weighing room. This contract included complete finishing, including the technological infrastructure for the office block. 

Surrounding works

The project included road works for a surface area of 6,000 m², including earthworks and foundation works. A separate sewerage system, with water recuperation for the reuse of rainwater was installed. The following work was also included: pump pit 25,000 l with modified pump system, pits for collecting and sampling percolate and automatic level measurement, two weigh bridges with corresponding control, fences, boom barrier, fencing and access control for the system. Road signs, road markings and traffic lights for the smooth flow of lorries at the site. 

Special technologies
Extraction with air treatment via active carbon filters to prevent odour. Automation and coordination of gates and grating to optimally regulate airflow. Smoke evacuation dome for the halls with control linked to the gate and grating control. Electrical system for the halls, tank area, offices and exterior lighting incl. high voltage cabins. Alarm system, fire alarm system, sprinklers and fire lines. Heating system, ventilation and air conditioning for the office part. 


Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.


Project Details

Kanaalstraat, Mol, Antwerpen, Belgium
Atelier Vanhout & Ass.
Engineering Office 
Atelier Vanhout & Ass.
Construction period
1 year
Start work
End of work