KVS - Brussels


Restoration of the main building (existing theatre): restoration of all façade, roof and balcony elements with due regard for the original design by Jean Base (1887) and the armoury (1770).
Careful restoration of the entrance hall, foyer and grand staircase.
Installation of a new fly tower and a wider stage.
The hall was demolished and replaced by a new, cylindrical-shaped hall – the 'BOL’ – and has a capacity of 500 seats.  The 'BOL’ was built using a box-in-box principle.  Inside walkways suspended next the old exterior walls connect to the old outside balconies.
There is a rehearsal room underneath the original metal-wood roof structure that can accommodate 180 people.

The annexe comprises three separate sections.  These spaces are for the artists, the administrative department and a master section comprising three halls lying above each other containing: a large rehearsal hall, a ballroom and a multipurpose black box room.  The 'BOX’ accommodates 200 people and is designed for contemporary productions.

The passage between the two buildings passes beneath the Arduinkaai street and thus does not effect the street layout or the alignment of the façades.


Willemen Construct came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Willemen General Contractor and the construction department of Kumpen.


Project Details

Lakensestraat 146 / Arduinkaai 7-9, Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
Stad Brussel
A2RC Architects
Temporary partnership 
Willemen General Contractor, Verstraete Vanhecke
Engineering Office 
Verdeyen & Moenaert (stabiliteit), Grontmij Athenco (technieken), Artec-Eckhard (akoestiek), Teatre Projects Consultants (scenografie), ArTe-Ducks Scéno (toneeluitrusting)
Construction period
3 years 11 months
Start work
End of work