Train wash Brussels-South - Forest


A covered train wash was built between the existing tracks.

It is a prefab concrete building with the following specifications:

  • Building dimensions: 120 x 6 x 8 metre washing hall, including pump cellars, a plant room and control room
  • Foundations: pole yokes on micro piles
  • Prefabricated columns
  • prefabricated beams
  • Reinforced concrete vaults
  • Outer walls in sandwich panels with rough silex concrete
  • Floor in reinforced concrete with drainage pipes and bases for attaching the train tracks
  • Floor finished in polyurethane ‘hot spray’, acid proof
  • Walls and ceiling: painted with acid-resistant paint
  • Doors: horizontal sliding high-speed doors, operated by compressed air, control via sensors on the tracks
  • Rooflights: automatically opening rooflights, operated with compressed air

A fully-automatic washing system for trains was installed in the hall (no personnel in the operating cabin):

  • When trains approach, the doors open
  • The rooflights in the roof always open for ventilation (only closed when raining or during strong winds)
  • Just after the entrance, the train is rinsed with water (hot water in the winter to remove ice and snow)
  • Then the train is sprayed with detergent, and it passes through the brush facility
  • Just before exiting, the train is rinsed with water and blown dry
  • After exiting, the doors and rooflights close
  • The water is collected by gutters in the floor, enters a purification system and is reused

Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.


Project Details

Short implementation period, working between tracks
Special features 
Purification system for reuse of wash water
Gerijstraat 21, Vorst, Brussels, Belgium
End User 
TUC Rail
Engineering Office 
TUC Rail
Surface area above ground 
Construction period
5 months
Start work
End of work