Wind aan de Stroom - Antwerpen Linkeroever


NV Wind aan de Stroom is the exclusive project developer for wind energy on the left bank of the Scheldt in the Antwerp harbour region, which is owned by the Municipal Port Authority of Antwerp and the Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever (Scheldt Left Bank Society).
Currently, W@S has committed to a 2013-2020 time frame for the development of the complete wind energy potential on the left bank of the Scheldt.

As the contractor on this project, Aannemingen Van Wellen is responsible for restoring the area surrounding the new wind turbines to its original state. Each of the turbines requires a different approach in function of the nearby existing roadways.
The turbines are also protected against external influences by means of concrete Jersey barriers, wire fencing, gateways and concrete buffer blocks.

This work must be completed in two phases. We have a limited execution time frame of 30 work days for each phase.

There are fifteen different work zones. These conditions require enhanced coordination of the work activities, especially since the work is performed by our own crews at two or three locations simultaneously, after which time the subcontractors will install and assemble wire fencing enclosures and gates. This sometimes results in 5 different locations where work is being simultaneously performed by people from Aannemingen Van Wellen.

Willemen Infra - the largest Belgian road construction company - came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Aswebo, Aannemingen Van Wellen and the infrastructure department of Kumpen.


Project Details

Linkeroever, Antwerpen, Belgium
Wind aan de Stroom
Construction period
4 months
Start work
End of work