Franki Construct



Franki Construct executes PPP  projects that integrate civil engineering, infrastructure work - bridges, tunnels, viaducts - as well as office buildings and residences. Franki Construct has extensive experience in realising PPP projects for which the contractor is fully responsible for the design and construction of the project as well as for the financing and long-term maintenance (25-35 years). After the construction phase, these projects are made available to the client for a fixed fee.

Design & Build

Franki Construct has recently executed design & build contracts not only for public works contracts but also for private sector clients.

non-residential buildings

Franki Construct constructs schools, cultural centres, police stations, fire stations, garages, railway signal boxes ... Thus a broad spectrum of buildings.



Franki Construct has constructed a number of residences and rest homes.


Already at its creation, Franki Construct was focusing not only on the building of infrastructure and engineering structures, but also on the construction of office buildings.


Franki Construct builds logistics centres for the Belgian National Railway Company (N.M.B.S.), Infrabel and EUROSTATION, as well as for private sector clients.

civil engineering

Franki Construct's core activity is the execution of large civil engineering projects, for roads (bridges, tunnels), railway track beds, railway bridges, expansion of the railway network - as well as for waterways (quay walls, locks). The large PPP projects executed by Franki Construct or for which it continues to handle the maintenance work, such as the "Brabo 1" project or the A11 motorway Bruges-Knokke that was started in March 2014, mainly comprise civil engineering works. But the application of climbing framework - for among others silos, cooling towers and bunkers - in large industrial projects also belong to the civil engineering domain.


Since its creation, Franki Construct has been known for the construction of motorway and railway bridges. Franki Construct also has considerable experience in executing construction projects that include the building of bridges/viaducts in difficult situations and in which the railway or motorway remains in service, frequently at short safety distances from the track in service.


The Westerschelde Tunnel that links Ellewoutsdijk with Terneuzen is Franki Construct's showpiece in the domain of tunnel construction. Franki Construct also implemented the underground high-speed line between Berchem station and Antwerp Central. Franki Construct's portfolio comprises many tunnels, including bicycle tunnels.

Heavy IndustrY / civil engineering works industry

BASF, Total, Esso Belgium, Q8, Siemens, Stora Enso: just a selection of our recent building projects in the private sector. Franki Construct always seeks the best solutions, proactively and in collaboration with the client, to handle the required technical challenges and to deliver the project within the stated crucial deadlines.


Since its creation, Franki Construct has been executing large-scale hydraulic engineering works such as quay walls in the various Flemish ports, locks, water treatment plants for both the private and public sectors, and reservoirs.

RAIL Infrastructure

The construction of the new A11 motorway Bruges-Knokke, but also the many works on behalf of Infrabel/N.M.B.S. for expanding the Regional Express Network around Brussels, as well as the construction of road bridges and tunnels, include considerable infrastructure work that Franki Construct assisted in executing.

road construction

The many motorway bridges and tunnels built in the past by Franki Construct include a substantial share of road construction.

concrete WORKS

Executing concrete work in all of Franki Construct projects is one of our core activities.

general roadworks

The many motorway bridges and tunnels that Franki Construct has constructed in the past include general roadworks.


Franki Construct executes renovation  and restoration work according to category D24.