Whether it concerns a sport complex, a museum, a school or a public service centre, Willemen Groep offers total solutions for your construction or renovation project and prides itself in offering an excellent price-quality ratio. We actively participates in the entire construction process, from preparing the building programme to the handover of the key. Willemen Groep finds it important to contribute to the design and optimisation of a building, and in this to respect the budget, timing and agreements made.


This very diverse group of professional domains is concretely applied to: the building of engineering structures: tunnels, bridges, viaducts, dams etc.; the repair of concrete; water purification via the construction of water treatment plants; industrial work for large, usually international groups.


As a leading road builder and asphalt producer, Willemen Groep performs a wide range of missions including connecting road repair work, asphalting highways and airports, paving and drainage works, etc. With four in-house asphalt plants we produce annually more than 750,000 tons of asphalt.

Our employees are ready to work both weekends and nights to complete their missions on time. Quality and safety are primary considerations here, as is our carbon footprint. We are constantly looking out for more efficient and sustainable production methods. Our own research centres and laboratories constitute an indisputable added value here, as does the close cooperation with other contractors in the Group.

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Working with the contractors within Willemen Groep, Willemen Real Estate designs and builds high quality, energy-friendly apartment buildings and residential complexes in beautiful locations and at attractive prices. Our scope also includes PPP projects and service flats. A customer-focused approach and close collaboration with brokers ensure that we can deliver without hassle in accordance with our customers' demands and expectations. Our project development colleagues accompany their clients from A to Z, for high quality projects delivered smoothly and on time.


Willemen Groep is also increasingly working on integral projects such construction team projects. This involves collaborating closely with all the relevant construction partners and examining all aspects of a project together in advance, to detect any problems at an early stage and eliminate any non-viable elements. This integrated approach also translates into partnerships with other companies in the group, for example in the framework of DBFMO or PPP projects.

Working in the construction team requires a huge amount of knowledge, expertise and flexibility. Our role is primarily a guiding one. This allows us to help critically assess and optimise the whole construction project throughout its entire life cycle. The result is an optimised project for our customers with a correct balance of quality, timing and price, and fewer problems in particular.

Building for tomorrow is something that needs to be done together with others. We are therefore open to many different types of partnerships, such as the ones described in the formulas below. We outline a plan of action together, and are happy to share our knowledge and craftsmanship.
• B: Build
• BF: Build – Finance
• DB: Design – Build
• BM: Build – Maintain
• DBF: Design – Build – Finance
• DBM: Design – Build – Maintain
• DBFM: Design – Build – Finance – Maintain
• DBFMO: Design – Build – Finance – Maintain – Operate


In recent years Willemen Groep has become increasingly active abroad, both as part of our own plans for growth and in response to growing demand from a number of emerging markets.

Our many impressive construction projects in Belgium have not gone unnoticed, also abroad. Increasingly, we are being asked to join forces with other companies on challenging international projects.

Willemen Groep is especially keen to apply its expertise in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our added value here lies in our excellent know-how and project management, together with the involvement of local people and resources.

One prestigious international reference is undoubtedly the embassy we've built in Kinshasa. It is a double first: the first Belgian embassy that also house Dutch and Luxembourg diplomats, and the first passive building in Central Africa.

On a site of 53 hectares in the port of Tangier we are currently building a brand new container terminal. The terminal will have a quay length of 1,200 meters and it will be the first automated container terminal in Africa.