Whether it concerns a sport complex, a museum, a school or a public service centre, Willemen Groep offers total solutions for your construction or renovation project and prides itself in offering an excellent price-quality ratio. We actively participates in the entire construction process, from preparing the building programme to the handover of the key. Willemen Groep finds it important to contribute to the design and optimisation of a building, and in this to respect the budget, timing and agreements made.


Complex and highly challenging civil engineering projects primarily demand bespoke solutions. Viaducts, tunnels, quay walls, and railway and road bridges all require extensive knowledge and experience. At Willemen Groep we can count on our engineering office to develop the most appropriate and economically feasible implementation methods for these projects, in close cooperation with the customer. In addition to our know-how and technical competence, our engineers’ clever and inventive approach also plays a decisive role. Moreover, for civil engineering contracts in combination with infrastructure works, we can fully trust our partner companies within the group to help us find the optimal solution with their specific competences.


As a leading road builder and producer of asphalt and concrete, Willemen Groep takes care of a wide range of assignments: road repairs, laying concrete or asphalt on motorways, paving and drainage works, etc. We produce over 1,000,000 tonnes of asphalt per year in our five asphalt plants. Our six concrete and crushing plants spread across the whole country convert building waste into COPRO-approved aggregates. We also have our own transport company to supply our sites and plants.

Our employees are happy to work at night and over the weekend to make sure they get everything done in time. Quality and safety are primary considerations here, as is our carbon footprint. We are constantly on the look-out for more efficient and sustainable production methods. Our research centres and laboratories add indisputable value here, as does our close collaboration with other contractors in the group.



Our specific know-how means Willemen Groep is a very strong player in port and airport works. One of our specialist areas is the construction of sites for port-related activities, such as transhipment terminals, but we’re also at home on the tarmac of Belgian airports. Over recent years we’ve renovated various runways and taxiways, and we’re also familiar with the architectural aspects of airport requirements. 



Working with the contractors within Willemen Groep, WILLEMEN REAL ESTATE designs and builds high-quality, energy-efficient apartment buildings and residential complexes in beautiful locations throughout Belgium at attractive prices. We use smart home technology to aim for the highest possible levels of comfort, and to fully unburden our buyers. As well as residential projects, we also have PPP and mixed-use projects, and student and service flats in our portfolio. A customer-focused approach and close collaboration with brokers are our keys to success. Our employees help all our clients from start to finish, resulting in high-quality projects delivered smoothly and on time. 


We know more together than we do alone. That’s why Willemen Groep is happy to share knowledge and expertise at an early stage of construction projects. Looking at various aspects in detail together with collaborators allows us to detect any issues early on, so they can be optimised as we come up with technically feasible and affordable concepts.

Our construction team experience makes Willemen Groep very strong in design, build, finance, maintain and operate (DBFMO) formulas and public-private partnership (PPP) projects. We can offer integrated and customised solutions to any challenge thanks to the combination of our different companies’ specific knowledge and experience. And not just in architectural terms, but also when it comes to long-term maintenance and creative finance solutions.

Willemen Groep doesn’t just participate financially alone in projects; with Willemen Project Finance, it also has the necessary network and knowledge to attract borrowed capital. Working in the construction team requires a huge amount of know-how, expertise and flexibility. And this is what makes our group excel. Our role is primarily a guiding one – as we critically determine and optimise the entire construction project throughout its full lifecycle.


WILLEMEN PROJECT FINANCE is the knowledge centre for project financing within the Willemen Groep. In that role, the team is responsible for:

• pooling all knowledge on project financing
• the development of competitive financing proposals in competitive tenders
• managing the project companies (SPVs) for projects under management
• risk management for the projects under management

All companies within the Willemen Groep can turn to Willemen Project Finance for support regarding financing, strategy, and the management of complex competitive tenders. The Willemen Project Finance team takes care of a sophisticated financing approach and guides them through the strategy, as well as the mutual interaction, in order to arrive at an integral quotation.

In its project financing, Willemen Project Finance distinguishes itself from the market with innovative financing solutions tailored to the project. During the project management, we act as shareholder and manager of the project company (SPV).

Willemen Project Finance continues to be involved in its projects from the tender to the end of the contract, thus forming the leitmotif for the client and the financiers. As the client’s contact person, we take care of their communication and relationship with the executing parties.



In 2014, we took our first steps in executing projects outside our national borders. We completed some great international projects such as the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa (DR Congo), the Belgian Embassy in Rabat (Morocco), a data centre for CyrusOne in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and one of the most technically advanced container terminals in the world at the port of Tangier (Morocco).

At the end of 2022, we decided to refocus our operations back to our home market and scale down our international presence. Our operations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg were sold and in other countries we are only completing ongoing projects. Kumpen does, however, retain a strong presence on the Dutch market in sewer renovation.