Quality, safety and environment

QSE is an important department that keeps our day-to-day operations on track. The construction and road building industries are dangerous sectors where we work with a multitude of machines and equipment. This is why we prioritise keeping the bar as high as possible in terms of Quality, Safety and the Environment.

Our policy focuses specifically on the following:

• clear ambitions related to limiting the costs of failure;
• reduction of CO2 emissions;
• permanent commitment to achieving an accident-free work environment.

The group has run several campaigns to raise our employees’ awareness of QSE topics. Some of these campaigns are still ongoing, such as our internal safety campaign GO FOR ZERO. Every accident is one too many, so it’s essential that we continue to raise awareness of this issue amongst our employees. 

You can read more about all the environmental measures and initiatives we take for our employees in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) section.


Willemen Groep - Go For Zero