Quality, safety and environment

QSE is an important department that keeps our day-to-day operations on track. The construction and road building industries are dangerous sectors where we work with a multitude of machines and equipment. This is why we prioritise keeping the bar as high as possible in terms of Quality, Safety and the Environment.

Our policy focuses specifically on the following:

• clear ambitions related to limiting the costs of failure;
• reduction of CO2 emissions;
• permanent commitment to achieving an accident-free work environment.

The group has run several campaigns to raise our employees’ awareness of QSE topics. Some of these campaigns are still ongoing, such as our internal safety campaign GO FOR ZERO. Every accident is one too many, so it’s essential that we continue to raise awareness of this issue amongst our employees. Our efforts were rewarded in 2017 when two of our companies were accident-free for 12 months. While we are proud of this result, we still want to achieve this goal also at group level.

You can read more about all the environmental measures and initiatives we take for our employees in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) section.



To realise these objectives, Willemen Groep works with a quality management system according to ISO 9001. The key aspects of this system are:

  • Introducing the quality notion at all levels of the company;
  • Improving personnel policy with special attention for continuous training and talent development;
  • Improving the communication and information policy by setting up consultative structures, the use of specially adapted software …;
  • The continuous pursuit of overall customer satisfaction;
  • Evaluating the system annually with respect to effectiveness;
  • Monitoring the improvement measures that were put in place.

The effectiveness of the entire system is measured annually in accordance with the above stated quality objectives. This is done among others by annually drawing up quantifiable objectives to be realised that find their place in the stated overall quality objectives.

Improvement measures are also an important element for Willemen Groep in measuring effectiveness and accomplishing the stated general objectives.


Since we consider the welfare of all of our employees a priority, our safety and health policy is an essential component of our business.

For this reason, we aim to prevent accidents and incidents, physical injuries, material damage and environmental problems, and to strive for continuous improvement in the area of safety.  All actions and initiatives to accomplish this will take place in the context of our campaign "GO for ZERO", the ultimate goal of our security policy.

Risk management is the most important pillar of our prevention policy. All risks at our company in the area of safety, health and environment will be identified on time and reduced to an acceptable level. No work will be started before the project's management has inventoried and evaluated the possible risks and taken the required preventative actions. Safety is always a priority when choosing working methods, equipment, subcontractors and suppliers.

Awareness of safety and health among our employees will be promoted by actively involving them in the concern for safety and health. Consequently, we ask all managers to demonstrate visible commitment to their employees and subcontractors with respect to all aspects of safety and health. This commitment on the part of all construction site managers must explicitly be expressed in greater involvement in preparing safety plans, organising start-work meetings, toolbox meetings, workplace inspections and investigating (near) accidents.


Willemen Groep aims to continually assess the environmental risks attached to its activities, plan actions to manage these risks, and monitor and adapt these actions as needed. The company aims to stimulate all employees to work with the environment in mind, and to take into account the environmental risks associated with the company's activities.

Management attaches great importance to respect for the environment. Consequently, the needed resources are made available to realise the stated environmental objectives. Moreover, employees are also assessed based on their positive attitude to the environment.

Willemen Groep management commits itself to continuously improving its environmental care programme according to the ISO 14001 standard in order to limit environmental pollution. In this, the applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as other imposed requirements are respected. The management of significant environmental aspects are included in the environmental management system.

Preventative actions are implemented in order to prevent incidents. Account will be taken of environmental aspects when purchasing and maintaining equipment, and the required environmental instructions will be drawn up. Moreover, management of significant environmental aspects is included in the environmental management system.

Important environmental aspects are:

  • Mobility and transport
  • Waste
  • Energy usage
  • Emergency situations

promoting collaboration

A high-quality, safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly work environment can only be realised via collaboration between all services, departments and employees. The development of a cohesive team spirit, both in the office and at our construction sites, must result in improved motivation on the part of all employees and in improved internal communication. Only via collaboration and consultation, and by listening to the advice, ideas and opinions of others, can risks be correctly assessed and effective preventative or corrective actions be taken.

Concern for quality, safety, health and environment is the responsibility of all. Hence, management expects that everyone perform their tasks and take up their responsibility, and actively work on realising all formulated objectives, in order to achieve continuous improvement in all of our activities.

Management appoints the managers charged with developing, implementing and adapting the systems to ensure that they remain efficient and effective.

Willemen Groep has drawn up goals in a number of areas: economic, social, safety, environment, and quality. To this end, we strive to do more than is expected and for this we employ the BATNEEC principle. These goals are translated yearly into specific action items.