Quality, safety and environment


Quality can be described and guaranteed in everyday processes. Quality is a task that's never finished: it demands constant attention and continuous improvement. We monitor our processes through our ISO 9001 quality management system. Individual responsibility rests with every employee, but the coordination of the system is taken care of by our QSE team (Quality, Safety and Environment). The QSE team advises the management in determining its policy in relation to quality, safety and the environment and monitors the implementation of that policy.

Our Group has two QSE teams: one for our Business Line Construction and another for Business Line Infrastructure. The coordinators of both business lines regularly consult with one another to align the implementation of this policy, make agreements for projects where companies from both business lines collaborate and to exchange lessons learned.

In concrete terms, all companies need to draw up a "perfect construction site" scenario, so that all site managers and project leaders will know how to get there.


Our safety ambition is to make sure that everyone — our own employees and our subcontractors, suppliers and partners — comes home safely every single day. Every accident is one too many. That’s why we are doing everything we can to avoid (occupational) accidents under the 'Go for Zero' and 'On The Road To Safety' (BL Infrastructure) mottos. We operate on the basis of an integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE) policy that extends across all of our companies. Thanks to the option to report unsafe situations in our QSE app, we are able to respond quickly. After all, every accident or near miss must be reported. On top of that, we are organising safety training courses on multiple topics. We try to combine theory and practice as much as possible on these. 

Certification and audits

Some of our businesses possess a VCA** or VCA-P certificate, all construction site workers have received basic training, and project have received full VCA training. VCA stands for Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu Checklist Aannemers, or Health, Safety and Environment Checklist for Contractors.


Our Group is taking its responsibility by realising maximum value with the lowest possible impact on the environment in all of our business operations. Our end goal is to build in a climate-neutral manner, without any negative consequences for
ecosystems. We are committed to the optimal use and management of natural resources, materials, financial resources and construction talent. Respect for the environment is of the utmost important to us, and we want to analyse, assess and manage the environmental risks connected to our activities.

Our board has undertaken to continuously improve its environmental care programme in accordance with ISO 14001, the CO2 Performance Ladder and the VOKA Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship, so that we can prevent any possible disruption and negative impact on the environment and ecosystems as much as possible.

Our efforts were mainly focused in the following five areas:

  • CO2 reduction
  • Mobility
  • Waste policy
  • Water management
  • Cooperation and knowledge-sharing

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Willemen Groep - Go For Zero