BIM by Willemen


At WILLEMEN GROEP, every project team works together efficiently thanks to the Building Information Model, or BIM for short. This means that the construction work is depicted in a 3D model that collects and processes all available data. In this model, you can personally add elements like walls and pipes and immediately see whether the element fits within the structure. The greatest benefit when all parties work in a single model is the fact that everyone has access to the same information. The BIM model shows all those involved in the construction process where the bottlenecks are and whether all rules are being respected.

3D laser scanning

We work with 3D laser scanning in ‘BIM by Willemen’. This makes it possible to measure elements and buildings extremely quickly in order to obtain a realistic image of the actual situation. The resulting data or point clouds enable us to make a comparison between the BIM model and the construction site. The possibilities offered by 3D laser scanning are virtually endless. We can easily map out existing grounds and buildings, generate progress reports automatically and adjust the BIM model.