WILLEMEN PROJECT FINANCE is the knowledge centre for project financing within the Willemen Groep. In that role, the team is responsible for:

• pooling all knowledge on project financing
• the development of competitive financing proposals in competitive tenders
• managing the project companies (SPVs) for projects under management
• risk management for the projects under management

All companies within the Willemen Groep can turn to Willemen Project Finance for support regarding financing, strategy, and the management of complex competitive tenders. The Willemen Project Finance team takes care of a sophisticated financing approach and guides them through the strategy, as well as the mutual interaction, in order to arrive at an integral quotation.

In its project financing, Willemen Project Finance distinguishes itself from the market with innovative financing solutions tailored to the project. During the project management, we act as shareholder and manager of the project company (SPV).

Willemen Project Finance continues to be involved in its projects from the tender to the end of the contract, thus forming the leitmotif for the client and the financiers. As the client’s contact person, we take care of their communication and relationship with the executing parties.