Our values

Our Group brings competences and knowledge together in enthusiastic teams that work together in a unique way to shape the vistas of tomorrow. We always start with an overall vision for new projects and put the client, our service providers and our employees at the heart of everything we do. After all, they constitute the human capital that really makes the difference. Our five corporate values serve as the guiding principle in all of our activities. They provide the foundations for the way we think and act, as a business can only be successful when everyone contributes to the company’s objectives in the best possible and clear-cut way.

Corporate culture is key in this, as the relationship between the business and its clients, between the business and its employees and between the business and its suppliers are all built on that foundation. Corporate values describe what genuinely matters for the purpose of the organisation, for its employees and for its clients.

OUR values


The common goal comes first and we support it wholeheartedly. We believe it is important to reach clear agreements in our communication and consultation with colleagues, and to be open to other people's ideas.


It is important to us to assume our own responsibilities honestly and sincerely, both internally (colleagues, workers and managers) and externally (customers, suppliers and subcontractors). A positive promotion of our company's image is self-evident.


With an investigative and creative mind we target innovation to stimulate a continuous improvement process. Therefore we share this knowledge with colleagues, workers and managers.

Drive for results 

Our objective is to keep the specified results clearly in mind and to achieve them through quantifiable actions. We provide a qualitative and safe performance within budget and timing with the aim of increasing the efficiency.


We believe it is self-evident to take initiatives spontaneously, to utilise chances and opportunities and to convert them into improvement or renewal actions which contribute to a better business performance.