We were responsible for the construction—from start to finish—of a container terminal with a quay length of 1.2 km and all the associated buildings on a 60-ha site in the port of Tangier. Twelve of the world’s largest double trolley, remote-controlled STS cranes are used to load and unload ships with no less than 22,000 containers on-board. APM Terminals MedPort Tangier is also one of the most technically advanced terminals in the world. 


    The challenge for the Vlaamse Waterweg is to raise the 62 bridges over the Albert Canal to a clearance height of 9.10 m by 2022. The most complex bridges—15 in total—have been bundled into two separate PPP projects, in which the bridges will be rebuilt based on a DBFM formula. Both PPP files were awarded to a consortium around our group. We will also be responsible for the maintenance of the bridges over the next 30 years. 


    This dynamic, futuristic building is the new workplace for 550 employees of the City of Hasselt and its PCSW. A unique feature of this project is the oblique mirror wall that we created in a short period of time and with minimal inconvenience to the environment. The new, seven-storey building also has a glass connection to the protected gendarmerie barracks, which we restored to their former glory. We went far beyond the legal standard for sustainability. 


    The 12-km-long A11 motorway between Bruges and Knokke-Heist was opened to traffic on 1 September 2017. This motorway—with connection complexes at the port of Zeebrugge, among other places—separates the economic traffic from the passenger traffic. The moving bridges over the Boudewijn Canal—a unique feature in Belgium—use the latest technologies to coordinate road traffic and shipping. Additional cycling paths and new bicycle tunnels have been provided for cyclists. 


    Who isn’t familiar with the Queen Elisabeth Hall? Big stars like Jacques Brel and Bruce Springsteen performed there. We built a new hall in precisely the same location with even more international allure as part of the Elisabeth Center Antwerp, a concert and congress centre for (inter)national performances and conventions. The new Elisabeth Hall has a maximum capacity of 2,000 seats and is narrower, deeper, and taller than the old one. Wavy, wooden wall cladding contributes to the acoustics of the world’s best performers.

WILLEMEN GROEP is one of Belgium’s largest family-owned construction groups. Its fourth generation saw it gain lots of momentum, partly thanks to the acquisition of construction companies such as Franki (1998), Cosimco (2005), Groep De Waal (2005) and road builders Aswebo (2011) and Aannemingen Van Wellen (2014). Willemen General Contractor and Kumpen’s construction department merged to become Willemen Construct on 1 July 2018. Similarly, Aswebo and Aannemingen Van Wellen have also merged with Kumpen’s infrastructure department to become Willemen Infra.

Building for the future doesn’t just require courage and perseverance; it also needs a critical mind to constantly question the status quo, rethink it, and build again. WILLEMEN GROEP brings competences and knowledge together in enthusiastic teams that work together with you in a unique way to achieve the best results and shape the views of tomorrow. We always start with an overall vision for new projects and apply our core values of good service, quality, professionalism and skill. We focus on our customers, service providers and employees in all our activities, because together they form the human capital that makes the difference.

The goal of WILLEMEN GROEP is to realise construction projects and deliver on time according to the wishes of the client, in a way that guarantees quality, safety, and concern for the environment. We are supported in this by our motivated employees and our know-how.


As a large construction firm, we are aware that we do not operate in a vacuum and that it is important to have a solid anchoring in society. It is therefore our intention to give something back to society on a regular basis. We want to build a better world and in 2017 we took impressive steps to achieve this goal. We are proud of our contribution to shaping the Belgian chapter of the charter of the United Nations that formulates 17 sustainable development goals. WILLEMEN GROEP was one of the first Belgian companies to sign this charter.

WILLEMEN GROEP is growing strongly, both at home and abroad. Hence we are continually looking for new talent with ambition to strengthen our organisation. In this, much importance is attached to individual development, combined with a high level of commitment and good performance. All of this of course in a safe working environment. We promote a no-nonsense company culture with a good sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.