The WILLEMEN GROEP consists of many different companies, which are divided into clusters, and further into business lines. We want this division to maximise synergies, eliminate unnecessary barriers, and clearly profile ourselves on the market. The companies still have a great deal of operational autonomy within the framework outlined by the group. For example, they themselves are responsible for budgeting and the operational results of the company.

Each company has its own Executive Committee; at the group level, there is a Group Executive Committee. As far as project development is concerned, there is the Real Estate Committee. The Executive Board is the group's highest management body. The Service Centres are there to unburden the companies so that they can fully concentrate on their core activities.


The Executive Board consists of the group’s shareholders – Johan, Tom, Katleen and Bram Willemen – along with five external members. The Board meets every two months to steer and monitor the financial and operational management of the group. The five external members each have in-depth expertise in a particular field.

The Executive Board takes strategic decisions on:

• Financial structure
• External benchmarking
• Risk management
• Management structures of various departments
• Acquisitions

The Executive Board is assisted and advised by three committees: the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, the Audit Committee, and the Risk Committee.

Members of the Executive Board

group executive committee

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for the management and coordination of the General Contractors cluster.

The members of the Committee are:

• the general managers of general contractors,
• the directors of the Service Centres, and
• the group’s managing directors.

Group Executive Committee meetings are held monthly.

The Group Executive Committee has several sub-committees to support their tasks:

• HR forum
• IT forum
• Safety and Prevention Council
• Technical Committee

real estate committee

The Project Development cluster has a Real Estate Committee.

The members of the Committee are:

• the group chairman,
• the cluster manager,
• the operational manager of a project, and
• any other relevant members

This committee is authorised to make decisions on:

• the purchase of land
• commitments to purchase real estate
• commitments to develop real estate in Belgium
• the follow-up of existing projects

service centers

The Service Centres support all operational services of the group in their daily operations. It is set up so that different domains are managed centrally and at group level. This allows the operational services to fully focus on their core activities. In addition, it increases the efficiency of their operations.

Finance: accounting and financial management
Legal, Risk & Insurance: legal matters, risk management, insurance and fleet management
Human resources: Coordination of the HR policy.
IT: maintenance of information and communication technologies
Business transformation: analysis and optimisation of business processes, new ways of working, and the implementation of related software packages
Innovation: facilitating and implementing innovative ways of working
Communication: determining and implementing the internal and external communication strategy