Our Group consists of different companies that are divided into clusters, and into business lines within these clusters. Our companies retain a great deal of operational autonomy within the framework outlined by the Group, and each one is responsible for its own budget and results. Each company has its own Executive Committee, and a Group Executive Committee exists at group level. As far as real estate development is concerned, a Real Estate Committee is in place. The Board of Directors has overarching authority over all companies that form part of our Group.


The Executive Board consists of the group’s shareholders – Johan, Tom, Katleen and Bram Willemen – along with five external members. The Board meets every two months to steer and monitor the financial and operational management of the group. The five external members each have in-depth expertise in a particular field.

The Executive Board takes strategic decisions on:

  • Financial structure
  • External benchmarking
  • Risk management
  • Management structures of various departments
  • Acquisitions

The Executive Board is assisted and advised by three committees: the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, the Audit Committee, and the Risk Committee.

Members of the Executive Board