IMEC Cleanroom - Heverlee


Willemen is building a new cleanroom for nanotechnology company IMEC in Leuven. The company will use this hyper-modern laboratory to produce ultra-small chips. The cleanroom includes a ‘waffle table’, a 90 centimetre thick concrete slab that forms the basis of the clean room and is completely separate from the outer walls.

The new FAB3 cleanroom is 4,000 m² in size and will be equipped with latest devices. Its structure, resting on 831 concrete piles placed 18 metres deep in the ground, makes it totally vibration-free. This is necessary because nanotechnology requires extreme precision, with accuracy down to a millionth of a millimetre. The waffle table lies 15 metres above ground and is perforated with no less than 3,300 holes (400 mm diameter). There is also constant air circulation, because the clean room must not contain a single dust particle.

The façade of the new cleanroom was designed by architect Stéphane Beel. M+W Group, a world leader in high-tech engineering and construction, is coordinating the project. IMEC is a world leader in nanoelectronics research. In ICT, healthcare and energy, IMEC has worldwide collaborations with commercial companies and other research centers. It has a workforce of 2,200. The cleanroom will be operational in 2016.

Willemen Construct came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Willemen General Contractor and the construction department of Kumpen.


Project Details

Kapeldreef 75, Heverlee, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium
M+W Group
Temporary partnership 
Willemen General Contractor, Aannemingen Janssen, Van Laere
Engineering Office 
Construction period
11 months
Start work
End of work