BIM by Willemen

WILLEMEN GROEP has been mastering BIM principles over recent years and applying them consistently to enhance the quality of our projects.

BIM stands for Building Information Management. We combine the different BIM models from the various parties (architect, stability engineer, technology engineer) in a single model to gain a clearer understanding of the project. At the same time we also check these design models for compatibility issues. Carrying out this check and eliminating faults in the preliminary phase means we avoid failures and the associated costs and loss of time during implementation.

We use the model extensively during the implementation stage, for example to take measurements, fine-tune the logistics planning and verify that set requirements are satisfied. The BIM model also helps make the planning clearer. Various subcontractors start their preparations based on the design model and then in turn deliver their BIM model, which we use for coordination. These design models make up part of the ultimate BIM as-built model, which we provide to the client if desired, so they can use it for their maintenance management.


BIM by Willemen


13/02/2017 - 11:15

Voorzie tijd om te groeien en kom op dinsdagnamiddag 21 februari naar de BIMtonic op Batibouw. BIM is immers niet zomaar een trend, maar is de onvermijdelijke toekomst van het ontwerpproces.

12/10/2016 - 17:30

Kanaal Z duikt in de reeks Z-New Technologies in de wereld van nieuwe en innoverende technologieën voor bedrijven. En zo kwam de businesszender bij Willemen Groep terecht. Want, zo klinkt het in de inleiding van de reportage: “Willemen Groep is een van de eerste bedrijven in Europa die de technologie van virtual reality omarmde.”