Certifications and attestations


Franki SA is recognised in the following categories and subcategories:

category class description
C 7 General contracting work for road construction
C1 7 General sewerage works
C5 4 Bituminous surfacings and coatings
D 8 General construction work
D1 8 All construction and roofing work
D16 5 Sanitary and gas-fired heating installations using individual appliances
D17 4 Central heating, thermal installations
D18 7 Ventilation, air heating and air conditioning
D20 5 Metal joinery installation
D4 7 Sound and heat insulation, lightweight partitions, false ceilings and false floors, prefabricated or otherwise
D5 7 Joinery in general, wooden trusses and stairs
D8 5 Roofing in asphalt or similar products, sealing works
E 8 General contracting work in civil engineering
E1 8 Pile foundations
E2 5 Pile foundations, sheet piling and diaphragm walls
F2 4 Construction of metal support structures
G 7 General contracting work for earthworks
G3 2 Planting work
G5 2 Demolition works
P1 7 Electrical installations in buildings, including generator installations, fire and theft alarm equipment, telecommunications in buildings and their surroundings and mixed telephony installations or equipment
P2 5 Electrical and electromechanical installations of structures and industrial installations and outdoor electrical installations
P3 5 Installations of overhead electrical power lines
S1 5 Public telephone and telegraph equipment
  • + certification concrete repair
  • + registration as soil remediation contractor.


Client satisfaction is our most important goal. An efficient organisational system ensures that the quality of everyone’s work continuously improves and that shortcomings in execution are prevented.

Franki management wishes to emphasise again that in addition to the productivity and quality objectives important for the survival of a company, attention is also continuously paid to a range of regulations  to ensure that all company employees are able to work in conditions that guarantee their physical integrity and take account of their present and future health. Respect for our surroundings also has a place in this vision.

The special attention we pay to safety & health and the environment is an integral part of our company culture. Franki was awarded the ISO9001 - 14001 and the SCC**-certificates.