R41 - Aalst


Franki Construct and Aswebo tackle the Aalst Ring Road together.

The Aalst Ring Road (R41) is going to be completely renovated. Three dangerous intersections will be extensively reconstructed and there will be a new tunnel as well. The new Ring Road will ensure improved traffic flow and safety and have greater capacity. Franki Construct and Aswebo obtained this commission jointly. The works will start at the end of August and will probably last for three years. The contracting amount is 44 million euro.

At the moment there are tailbacks every day on the Ring Road in  Aalst. Moreover, at some points it is particularly dangerous to cross the ring road. To solve these problems, a tunnel will be constructed under the intersection with the Gentsesteenweg (N9) and under the one with the Raffelgemstraat. These tunnels ensure that local and through traffic are separated. There will be access and exit roads to the tunnels between the N9 and the Raffelgemstraat.

The intersection of the Boudewijnlaan and the N9 will be completely rebuilt. There will be a large roundabout with a tunnel underneath. The Merestraat intersection will shift by about one hundred metres. Cyclists will not have to cross the traffic and use two cycling tunnels. The viaduct between the Ledebaan and the Verbrandhofstraat will be overhauled. The substructure will be tackled and the bridge will get a new road surface. To increase safety, concrete containment kerbs will be installed between the two traffic flows.  In addition, the commission comprises reconstruction of the Gentsesteenweg between the Welvaartstraat and Sinte-Annalaan. There will be wide cycle paths, parking places, new pedestrian paths and a separate drainage system.

The tunnelling of the two intersections ensures that the centre of Aalst will be less burdened and residents are less bothered by environmental noise. The tunnel roof in the Raffelgemstraat will be green, with space for cyclists and pedestrians.

This short film illustrates the new situation. You can find more information at www.ringaalst.be.

Willemen Infra came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Aswebo, Aannemingen Van Wellen and the infrastructure department of Kumpen and is a leading road builder and asphalt and concrete manufacturer.

Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.


Project Details

R41, Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer Oost-Vlaanderen, Stad Aalst
Temporary partnership 
Franki Construct, Willemen Infra
Construction period
5 years 9 months
Start work
End of work