Reconstruction 7 bridges over the Albertkanaal


The Vlaamse Waterweg has designated Via T-Albert to renew 7 bridges over the Albertkanaal. This is done with a view to increase the clearance height. It concerns the bridges in Eigenbilzen, Zutendaal, Stokrooie, Kwaadmechelen Zwartenhoek, Eindhout, Geel-Stelen and Herentals-Lier. Via T-Albert is a joint-venture, especially founded for this project. The members of Via T-Albert are Willemen Infra, Franki Construct,Aelterman and Hye.

The Vlaamse Waterweg and Via T Albert signed the contract for this PPP-project .'Verhoging bruggen Albertkanaal – cluster 1’.on the 1st of September 2017. With this contract, they agree to a public-private partnership for the design, building and financing of the project. The joint-venture is also responsible for the maintenance of the 7 bridges for a period of 30 years.

The rebuilding of the seven bridges is part of the project  with the aim of increasing the clearance height along the whole of the Albertkanaal. A minimum of 9,10 metres is desired. An increased clearance height enhances the profitability of the inland navigation in general. it also boosts the container shipping in particular.

The termination of the construction works is anticipated in may 2020. During the project, there is special attention to prevent inconvenience as much as possible. Therefor, the Vlaamse Waterweg and Via T-Albert are involved in dialogue with the communes and the stakeholders.

Willemen Infra - the largest Belgian road construction company - came into being on 1 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Aswebo, Aannemingen Van Wellen and the infrastructure department of Kumpen.

Since 1998 Franki Construct has been part of Willemen Groep, the largest family construction group in Belgium.


Project Details

Executed works 
Study, supply and placing of 7 steel archbridges
Special features 
Upgrade of the existing design, financing of the project and maintenance of all configurations during 30 years
De Vlaamse Waterweg
Temporary partnership 
Via T Albert (Franki Construct, Willemen Infra, Hye, Aelterman)
Start work