Willemen Infra

general road construction


Hardened surface areas such as streets, squares and parking areas are not limited to asphalt or concrete. Cobblestones, paving bricks, (natural stone) slabs, pebble mosaic and porous materials are also possible. Depending on the surface's application and the chosen materials, there are countless laying patterns (segmented, fish scale, fanned, shells - or fantail, half-brick, elbow, herring bone, twilled, blocks …)

Algemene wegenbouw - Betonwerken

CONCRETE and asphalt WORKS

Concrete is one of the most used and multi-purpose materials available for road construction. Thus it is self-evident that this is one of Willemen Infra's strengths. State-of-the-art material and experienced personnel make it possible for Willemen Infra to ensure quality and efficient execution. The (re)construction of motorways in continuous reinforced roadway concrete, where often the work proceeds day and night, is a speciality. In addition to (reinforced) roadway concrete and bicycle paths, Willemen Infra also handles the installation of diverse linear elements with a slip forming machine. With this, all manner of curbs, trenches, bumpers, concealed gutters … can be poured on location. Thanks to the experience and know-how of its personnel, Willemen Infra can pour almost everything that is available in precast also on location.

Algemene wegenwerken - Funderingswerken

Foundation works

A proper foundation is essential to preventing sagging of the road surface later. There are various types of foundations:

  • crushed stone foundations
  • foundation of ternary mixtures
  • sand cement foundations
  • foundation of fly ash – lime mixtures
  • foundation of fly ash – cement mixtures
  • foundation of thin concrete
  • foundation of pozzolan concrete
  • foundation of blinding applied with climbing framework

Algemene wegenwerken - Grondwerken


Aswebo has all the needed equipment and personnel to handle earthwork and earth moving:

  • delivery and removal of ground
  • excavation of ground
  • digging of ground
  • backfilling of ground
  • profiling surfaces
  • compacting surfaces
  • digging channels