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Production of asphalt

We have 4 asphalt production plants in Flanders: Ghent, Bruges, Kieldrecht and Lummen. An asphalt mixing installation can be seen as a factory with modern equipment, where the entire production process takes place under controlled conditions, managed and monitored by computers and experienced operators. All of our asphalt plants produce the most common mixtures and also have the possibility of producing all sorts of special and exceptional compositions:

  • asphalt with colour-supporting granulates
  • low-temperature asphalt
  • ...

The entire production process and the asphalt produced are under the supervision of COPRO. Quality and conformity are an absolute must for our group. Through our subsidiary ASCOVIL (50% stake), we have one of the most modern asphalt production plants in Wallonia at our disposal in Villers-le-Bouillet, which allows us to operate throughout the country. The impact on the environment is very important to us. The asphalt mixing plants therefore meet the strictest requirements with regard to noise, odour nuisance and emissions to soil and air.

Drainphalt is an innovative asphalt specially made for paving car parks, driveways, and roadways around buildings. Because the asphalt pavement is water-permeable, the construction of buffers and drainage is unnecessary. The rainwater is conducted through the asphalt itself, so that it gradually seeps into the groundwater. This makes Drainphalt the perfect solution for a well-known environmental problem: 14% of all surfaces in Belgium are paved but not water-permeable, which means that our continuous asphalting of Belgium is reducing our groundwater level.

More info: www.drainphalt.be


Asfalt - Verwerking



The application of a layer of asphalt on sand, a foundation or already applied road surface is done using a paving machine. In the case of very small works or at locations difficult to access with the machine, asphalt is laid manually. Immediately after application, road rollers ensure optimum compaction of the asphalt. When the asphalt has cooled, it can be used for traffic.

Asfalt - Verwerking - Bestrijking


The base is a surface treatment (protective layer) consisting of one or more layers of crushed stone on a hardened surface. A distinction is made between a single-layer base, single-layer base with double gravel layer, and double-layer base.



Asfalt - Verwerking - Gietasfalt

poured asphalt

Poured asphalt is a material that is extremely well suited among others to municipal and urban infrastructure work. Possible additional costs in installation are amply offset by its durability and advantages during execution. Poured asphalt certainly has advantages here due to its properties, its possibilities for colouring and its ability to be combined with other natural materials. Much expertise and experience with the product on the part of the processor is required to ensure the proper processing and application of poured asphalt.

Location of asphalt plants

Asfaltcentrale Brugge

Pathoekeweg 292
8000 Brugge
+32 50 45 03 00

Asfaltcentrale Gent

Daniël Kinetstraat 40
9000 Gent
+32 9 251 40 32

Asfaltcentrale Kieldrecht

Blikken - Doeldok Kaai 1652
9130 Kieldrecht
+32 3 250 61 06

Asfaltcentrale Lummen

Havenstraat 8
3560 Lummen
+32 11 45 79 30

Asfaltcentrale Ascovil

Rue Grande Ruelle 51
4530 Villers-le-Bouillet
+32 4 228 89 57